Merida, the capital of the entire Yucatan Peninsula lies at the heart of the Mayan World.  A trip to Merida will immerse you in a fascinating cultural blend of tradition and modernity, where you will discover amazing colonial architecture, lively plazas, and a multitude of restaurants serving excellent cuisine. 

In the historic center, you can witness the history of the city thanks to its beautiful colonial buildings, traditional outdoor markets, ancient churches and cathedrals, theater and much more. Outside the historic center, get ready for modern departmental stores, high-end shopping malls and the more traditional Yucatan houses.

Going outside the city makes you discover an other side of Mexico with many haciendas, rural towns and mayan ruins.

I highly recommend the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site of Uxmal. Less busy than Chichen Itza, the site is easily accessible by car and you can buy one of the many organized tours sold by local travel agencies in the city.

Take this opportunity to stop by a cenote on the way back. Change in your bathing suit and get underground to one of the many water-filled caves to experience something like never before.