Going to the beach from Merida is very easy. If you’re staying at either Casa Santa Lucia or Casa Anais, the bus that goes directly to Progresso is about only 1 block away. It passes on Street 64. Just stand at one of the intersection and look out of the big white bus displays a Progresso sign in the front. Wave and get on board. You’ll need to carry the exact change as the bus driver won’t give change back. Or you can go to the bus terminal about 10 minutes away from the houses to buy your tickets at the counter. 

It takes around 35-40 minutes to reach the terminal in Progresso and from there, the beach is only a 7-minute walk. With multiple restaurants and stores right across the street from the beach, you can get set up right on the beach and go get drinks and food yourself very close by or, my favourite option, get a table at one of the restaurant. They offer the chairs and big umbrella. Some of them also have long chairs. You get great service for food and drinks plus they watch your belongings so you don’t have to worry if you’re in swimming in the ocean.

Our favorite restaurant is Crabster. The chairs are more comfortable and they have long chairs. Because it’s one of the most expensive restaurant, they always have room and the service is great. The food and drinks are well worth the few extra pesos you’ll pay. If you’re in for a different burger experience, try the Tuna burger. It’s massive and so so good. Their bathrooms are very clean and they also have showers if you want to rince off before heading back to Merida.

 At the end of day, simply walk back to the bus terminal and get on the bus to Merida. You can ask the driver to let you off anywhere along the way.